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Birthdate:Jun 3, 2000
A Fairy overflowing with attitude, born under the star of ridiculous capriciousness and eternally 17.
(Though, okay, I'll notify you once I get 19. It'll probably take about half a decade...)
Subdued lady in Spring, rebel in Autumn, lost in Winter and Beach Girl in Summer.
Mostly a chica, but hey, I like blue better!

Interests (105):

2016 japanese fashion, 20s fashion, 70s, 80s, 90s, 90s j-pop, 99.9: keiji senmon bengoshi, alchemy, ane gal, anna tsuchiya, ao no jidai, aozora no tamago, architecture, arithmetics, astronomical pictures, au skyrim, bartending, beach girl, between angels and insects, birds, bitter drinks, blue spring, books, buds, butterflies, choki choki, clamp, colours, comics, cooking fish, creation, dead fish, designing yukatayeman, doors, fights, film, fish, flower, folklore, food, frozen fruit crush, fruit-picking, games, geological pictures, go, going by train, gokuaku ganbo, good fresh seasonal fruit, good tobacco, grilled pork, information, j-magazine back issues, jellyfish, jesica alba, kamen rider amazons, kamen rider kiva, kamen rider kuuga, kamen rider ooo, kamen rider ooo novel, keys, kumi koda, lamb curry, lightweight bikes, locks, minimal living, miura ryousuke, mocos, modelling, namie amuro, natural kei, nature, odagiri joe, offroad bikes, oldschool gal, oldschool sweet lolitas, osaka, ozaki yutaka, paintball, paris, people, picnicking, plastic tree, popsicles, problems, projects, red, relax, reverse guitar, rovinj, sarashi, shaved ice, sleep, sorbets, soundtrack, superstitiousness, tenten, the flashy, the sea, thriftiness, trigun, wafuku, warm winter, white summer dresses, windows, writing
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