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At one point, I was so sure I would stop the whole biking and modelling thing. The reasonability of numerous ecological and health arguments got me to a point where I thought I could not only dare to step away from 80s-early 2000s cars (plus some old classic japanese sportscars) and racing, but also a sturdy, low-maintenance good-economy bikes and rolling with gangmates. It was almost just an extension that I left modelling, dollmaking and airsoft behind too. I felt so clean. I had so much time to do apparently important things like making sure I eat and sleep well, wandering fields and forests, taking care of my younger siblings, making music, writing, sewing myself cool shit, et cetera...
How funny. I became a Kamen Rider fan. For a long time I didn't call myself that but then I realised I can't evn talk my way out of this. And guess what? Bikes. Models. ...I'm sure you couldn't imagine that by yourself.
No, honestly, I have to admit, the people around me might have a point when saying buying a WonderSwan Color with my kiddo savings is silly. Working to add to mom's and gran's and others' finances and then on the day of the Christmas, unwrapping a plastic figurine among many reasonable things that anyone else has then is "ridiculous". And really, I do see their point. But I dare to say my jersey might have costed four times (and postage) any of the ones folk around me have, BUT I am hundred times happier than any of 'em when they got it. All new and shiny.  Am I really that crazy for learning to dye cotton and weave and make ceramics and bit of wood works and porcelain just to make myself a little world with obscure popcultural references? I mean, it may sound so. But then you realise I'm the only one around who can still make bobbin lace and glass beads, not to forget pretty much the only person who can fix something in the house. And for example, my yukata with obscure popcultural themes sell.
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